With 2020 being a straight-up rubbish year, the need for respite never has been greater. Enter: Nathan Apodaca on TikTok.

One man, skateboarding with some Ocean Spray juice to the sound of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.

His video quickly went viral. And what was the effect?

A lot of people became interested in Ocean Spray juice.

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Interest in Ocean Spray. Source: Google trends

It’s a sign of the times that someone with a skateboard, singing some Fleetwood Mac can generate more interest than the marketing department of a multibillion dollar company.

I thought about this for some time, if interest in a company could come from anywhere, how do you detect this? …

As part of my final thesis at UQ, I was tasked with completing a thesis project based on a research topic. Of the many that were available, one stood out: “Designing Citizen Centric Smart Cities”.

The Problem

Right now, cities are undergoing radical transformation as IoT and other available technologies become ubiquitous. A key consideration, however, was ensuring that these new “smart spaces” are developed with the needs of the citizen at the forefront. My work focused on how the university campus could benefit from this consideration

Starting point — engaging citizens

In order to understand what citizens needed from smart campus I conducted interviews and elicited their thoughts about topics such as privacy, smart cities, smart campuses and what needs they had on them? …


Ben Rodgers

I’m a Software Engineering grad interested in Data Engineering opportunities.

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